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Alouette District

Girl Guides and Girl Scouts are the largest organization of girls and women in the world.

We are the Girl Guides of East Maple Ridge.

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Camps & Trainings

  • Alouette District Meeting & Leader Holiday Party

    December 17, 2018 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
    Location: Camp Kanaka

    Time to organize and RSVP to our annual District meeting and holiday party!
    This year we are going to do sign painting! Lee’s Sign Painting Parties is coming to us and she has over 100 different stencil designs to choose from: it can be Christmassy, camping or one for the home!

    It will cost $20/person for a 12×12 sign and all the supplies and teacher!

    You need to RSVP whether you are coming or not by Monday October 22 to Alannah or Amanda via email!

    More info to come as we get closer and get updated information!
    Oh and it will also be a potluck! Bring something yummy to share!

Just Hanging Around

  • Running A Unit: All Levels The Basics And Beyond

    Girl Involvement in Planning:  We are Guiders.  We Guide

    • We guide the girls in developing leadership skills, planning skills, and camping skills.
    • We guide them by offering lots of suggestions so they can choose and make their program their own.
    • We guide by letting them make mistakes and learn from them.
    • We guide by asking questions and letting them try to figure it out.
    • We guide by being strong role models.

    All Levels Guider Planning Meetings Tips:

    • share responsibilities (many hands make for little work)
    • take turns running meetings, or run different parts of the meeting
    • change up responsible guider or treasurer part way through the year
    • find a balance between socializing and business
    • use the fun finder or instant meetings, or camp in a box, for ideas
    • get the girls involved in some of the planning

    Getting To Know Each Other

    • try to plan Sep-Dec, then have another meeting in Dec to plan Jan-Jun (or Jan-Mar/Mar-Jun) This makes for a good excuse to get together as adults
    • get out and camp – if you are not comfortable ask for a mentor
    • plan a camp or sleepover as soon as possible because that time together bonds the girls way faster than meeting once a week
  • Mine Field

    This is a good thinking day game. The activity could be used to heighten awareness about the effect of...