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Program Ideas

  • Running A Unit: All Levels The Basics And Beyond

    Girl Involvement in Planning:  We are Guiders.  We Guide

    • We guide the girls in developing leadership skills, planning skills, and camping skills.
    • We guide them by offering lots of suggestions so they can choose and make their program their own.
    • We guide by letting them make mistakes and learn from them.
    • We guide by asking questions and letting them try to figure it out.
    • We guide by being strong role models.

    All Levels Guider Planning Meetings Tips:

    • share responsibilities (many hands make for little work)
    • take turns running meetings, or run different parts of the meeting
    • change up responsible guider or treasurer part way through the year
    • find a balance between socializing and business
    • use the fun finder or instant meetings, or camp in a box, for ideas
    • get the girls involved in some of the planning

    Getting To Know Each Other

    • try to plan Sep-Dec, then have another meeting in Dec to plan Jan-Jun (or Jan-Mar/Mar-Jun) This makes for a good excuse to get together as adults
    • get out and camp – if you are not comfortable ask for a mentor
    • plan a camp or sleepover as soon as possible because that time together bonds the girls way faster than meeting once a week
  • Separation Anxiety

    Looking for just a fun activity to start your meeting? This simple game is sure to be a hit.

    1. Count out Skittles, Smarties or m&ms onto plates maybe 25 per person?
    2. Place 5 cups (or however many colours you have) in front of the participants
    3. Give each person a straw to suck and sort the candies with
    4. Everyone is a winner but you can congratulate the ones that...
  • Mine Field

    This is a good thinking day game. The activity could be used to heighten awareness about the effect of land mines on the lives of people in countries such as Afghanistan and Nicaragua

    • A popular and engaging game involving communication and trust.  The task is very flexible, works for groups of various types and sizes, and can be adapted to youth, adults, corporate, etc.
    • Select an appropriate area.  Go outside, if possible.  Can be done inside, even in rooms...
  • Great Egg Drop

    This is great for Easter or Engineering week. Do it as a team or individually.

    • Engaging and very messy small group activity (4 or 5) as part of larger group (e.g., 20 up to 100)

    • Can be run as a competition between teams
    • Task is to build a single egg package that can sustain a fall of 8ft (top of a supermarket shelf)
    • Can be used to highlight any almost aspect of teamwork or leadership
    • Lends itself to...
  • Multi-Way Tug-of-War

    • Fun, finale-type activity.  Physically exhausting and emotionally climaxing!
    • Works for kids through to corporate programs.  Ideal for adolescents and possibly youth at risk.  Especially with older adults, be careful with this activity, especially if they are unfit or if overexertion is contraindicated (e.g., heart problems).
    • Use for any size groups, indoor or outdoor.  Ideal for large group outdoors.
      Pick a soft location e.g., grass/beach.
    • In traditional 1 on 1 tug-of-war, it is mostly strength that wins, with a few...
  • SOAR 2017

    July 22 - 29, 2017
    Location: Smithers, BC

    The Spirit of Adventure Rendezvous, SOAR for short, is a week-long provincial ‘back to basics’ outdoor camp sponsored by the BC Council of Girl Guides of Canada, for girls between the ages of 11 and 18. (Note: girls may be 10 at the time of camp, if their birthday is between August and December 2006).
    In 2014, the seventh SOAR was held in Enderby. They have been located around the province (Prince George, Sooke, Trail, Merritt, Parksville, Aggasiz) in order to give girls an opportunity to see various parts of BC.

    SOAR 2017 will be held in Smithers, in Northern BC.

  • Pre-SOAR Camp

    June 16 - 19, 2017
    Location: Camp Kanaka

    Our new prep camp date has been scheduled at Camp Kanaka for June 16-18th. I am aware that this is Father’s Day weekend, however, this is the only weekend available for our use. We will have your areas pegged out and mapped for you upon your arrival, and a variety of experienced Guiders will be present to provide talks and demonstrations to you and your girls throughout Saturday.

  • Alice in Wonderland Enrollment + Wonderland Challenge

    Previous meeting – Have girls make flower arrangements for tables and chose a joke or riddle that they will tell as part of the ceremony. (1) Will have red rose bush props on the wall at one end.

    DOWNSTAIRS – DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE. The doors to the room are closed. Outside is a table with cookies in a treasure chest that say “Eat Me” “Try Me”. Once they eat a cookie they can enter Wonderland, following the White Rabbit (Julia has a white rabbit stuffy). (2)

    As they come in they must bunny hop 100m, following the White rabbit. (3)   (Edit – we are going to substitute the Lobster Quadrille instead of the bunny hop.) Then pause for leader to explain about the Alice ceremony. After this, interactive activity ‘Be on time’ with girls and crowd. Close eyes and must guess when 5 minutes is up. (4)

    Girls will take turns telling their jokes. (5) This will be interspersed with leaders and girls giving Guiding advice (Guide Law) to help the 1st years on their way – Maybe have path with 7 spots for them to stop for advice? Advice will be given by puppets or stuffies or older girls or leaders in costumes that represent Alice characters like the Caterpillar, Cheshire cat, etc.

    At the red rose end of the path, the Red Queen will appear (leader dressed in red clothes and a crown). She will accuse the 1st years of painting the roses red. The girls must then be tried, and will have to say their Guide promise. Their pardon papers they receive will have their enrolment pins and the badges they have earned so far this year attached.

    The Mad Hatter (I’ll borrow my sisters Mad Hatter Hat) will escort the girls to an Unbirthday Tea Party. We’ll have 6 types of cake and sandwiches. (6) We will taste various types of tea in dixie cups. (7) As part of the crowd entertainment, leaders will go around and have guests and girls choose papers with things that begin with the letter T (tea party…) – will play charades. (8)

    Then for the last hour we will have craft stations (guests can join in.) We’ll make playing card soldiers (playing cards with hole punched in them to attach pipe cleaner arms and legs, draw faces on with Sharpies) (9). We’ll make mini colourful teapots out of modeling clay (10.) And we’ll have tables set up where people can play card games like Go fish, Old Maid, Crazy 8’s, Rummy, Blackjack etc – whatever they choose. (11).