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Games Ideas

  • Separation Anxiety

    Looking for just a fun activity to start your meeting? This simple game is sure to be a hit.

    1. Count out Skittles, Smarties or m&ms onto plates maybe 25 per person?
    2. Place 5 cups (or however many colours you have) in front of the participants
    3. Give each person a straw to suck and sort the candies with
    4. Everyone is a winner but you can congratulate the ones that...
  • Mine Field

    This is a good thinking day game. The activity could be used to heighten awareness about the effect of land mines on the lives of people in countries such as Afghanistan and Nicaragua

    • A popular and engaging game involving communication and trust.  The task is very flexible, works for groups of various types and sizes, and can be adapted to youth, adults, corporate, etc.
    • Select an appropriate area.  Go outside, if possible.  Can be done inside, even in rooms...
  • Great Egg Drop

    This is great for Easter or Engineering week. Do it as a team or individually.

    • Engaging and very messy small group activity (4 or 5) as part of larger group (e.g., 20 up to 100)

    • Can be run as a competition between teams
    • Task is to build a single egg package that can sustain a fall of 8ft (top of a supermarket shelf)
    • Can be used to highlight any almost aspect of teamwork or leadership
    • Lends itself to...
  • Multi-Way Tug-of-War

    • Fun, finale-type activity.  Physically exhausting and emotionally climaxing!
    • Works for kids through to corporate programs.  Ideal for adolescents and possibly youth at risk.  Especially with older adults, be careful with this activity, especially if they are unfit or if overexertion is contraindicated (e.g., heart problems).
    • Use for any size groups, indoor or outdoor.  Ideal for large group outdoors.
      Pick a soft location e.g., grass/beach.
    • In traditional 1 on 1 tug-of-war, it is mostly strength that wins, with a few...
  • Punkin Chunkin!

    Here is a fun idea for older girls or build one as a team. Science and fun meet with Punkin Chunkin challenges. The idea is simple — create a machine using any materials you can find and see who can send a pumpkin the farthest. Expect a mess. Simplify it with mini pumpkins for younger girls.

    Punkin Chunkers have a few options when it comes to streaking the skies with squash. All are based on the concept of force, power,...

  • Pop Goes the Pumpkin

    These Halloween party games are a perfect way to loosen up your guests before the haunting begins.

    Looking to kick off Halloween with a bang, not a boo? This version of a classic carnival game also makes a festive wall decoration, and bursting the confetti-and-candy-filled balloons in this Halloween party game will make everyone explode with laughter.

  • Group Mandala

    • Allows symbolic exploration of group structure and dynamics, and revealing of personal feelings towards others
    • Each person is represented by an object they choose themselves; objects are then "caste" like dice
    • Each person then shares how he or she feels about the position in which his or her object has landed (uses psychoanalytic technique of "projection")
    • Through various rounds, participants get to modify/adjust the position of their object until each individual is satisfied with where they sit in...
  • Amoeba Race

    This is a good game for STEM content using a basic biology concept of a cell

    • Requires cooperation, competition and close physical interaction.  Useful as a simple activity to help a group get comfortable with one another.
    • Explain how to create an amoeba.  There are 3 parts:
      • a lot of protoplasm
        (people who don't mind being close, gather together)
      • a cell wall
        (people who like to contain themselves & others, surround the protoplasm, facing outward, linking elbows)
      • a nucleus
        (someone with good...