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  • Mummy Lanterns

    Cheer up a night walk with mummy lanterns.

    Whether you make a mummy family or group of friends, the lanterns can help guide little trick-or-treaters through the darkness straight to your treats. Another great use of the mummy jars would be as candy holders leading up to the big night.

    • Mason jars
    • Gauze
    • Googly eyes
    • Hot glue gun and glue
    • Candles or glow sticks

    1 Select several Mason jars of either the same or different sizes. Remove the lids and make...

  • Recycled Christmas Decorations: Twiggy Christmas Trees


    You will need:
    • a few twigs
    • handsaw
    • drill with small bit
    • ribbon
    • scissors
    • large needle
    • sandpaper
    • liquid acrylic paints (optional)
    1. Using the handsaw, cut your twigs into progressively smaller pieces. No need to be exact. Trust yourself and just wing it. Also cut several stubby bead-like pieces for the branch spacers.
    2. Place them as in Photo #2 to make sure they all look good together. Trim any pieces that may be too long.
    3. With the drill, drill holes into...

  • Tin Can Containers

    You will need:

    • Tin cans in assorted sizes
    • Wallpaper remnants, scrapbook paper, gift-wrap paper or fabric
    • Ribbon
    • Acrylic craft paint
    • Craft glue


    1. First, take the labels off the cans carefully; these labels will be your templates.
    2. Wash and dry the cans thoroughly. The cans can be any size you wish, large, small, and medium. Painting them with Acrylic paint before the meeting is a good idea
    3. Take your label templates and trace them onto wallpaper, paper, or fabric - whatever
    4. you want to use to cover the cans....
  • Plastic Grocery Bag Sit-Upon

    These rainproof sit-upons made out of old grocery bags started with a discussion about plastic bags being one of the main items in land fills so I started looking into things that could be done with them.

    1. You need to gather about 8 plastic grocery bags preferably in 2 different colors.
    2. Fold the bags so the handles and bottoms are folded in on themselves.
    3. Place the same colors parallel...
  • Tin Can Lanterns

    This craft is a good one for the brownies "tool girl" badge. It lets them get used a hammer. Older girls would be able to do much more complex designs. If you google tin punch designs you can find lots of ideas.

    1. Clean can by soaking in hot, soapy water. Making sure to remove all of the label and glue. Many recycling depots are really helpful about gathering the cans for you. Bring them cookies as a thank-you.
    2. Painting...