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Training Enrichment for Adult Members (TEAM)

Come and find out all about the Girls! Training is free for all Alouette District Guiders.

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Training and Enrichment for Adult Members (TEAM) is our national training program and is available for all Guiders, regardless if you are a new or experienced, a unit leader, Commissioner or an experienced adviser. Training helps you develop new skills and energizes to help you have fun and be effective in your new position!

It is very important that you notify your Training Representative ASAP if you can not attend a training that you have registered to attend. Please phone if it is a last minute cancellation.

Keep track of your trainings:
Training Record | OAL Program Tracking Form

Training Schedule

  • Lougheed Area Training OAL Adventure Module 8 – Kayaking Expedition

    August 31 - 03 September 2018

    In order to assist Guiders in the completion of their Outdoor Activity Leadership Adventure Training, Lougheed Area Training is excited to offer a Module 8 Kayaking Expedition for up to 8 participants!

    You must be able to attend the entire long weekend.

    Subsidy: As per Lougheed Area policy a partial trip subsidy of up to $50/night is available for eligible participants.  Prior approval from Area Training Adviser must be obtained.

    This form is to be used by Guiders to complete an “Expression of Interest” for a Module 8 Kayaking Expedition hosted by Lougheed Area. In filling out this form you are indicating your interest in participating & will provide the trip leader with information about your current level of training/experience. Once the participants have been identified group trip planning will commence (end of April) including route selection, pre-trip kayak training (as needed), Safe Guide paperwork, budgeting, gear and menu.

    If you have any questions about this training please contact PJ Borghardt, GGC OAL Expedition Leader

  • Outdoor Activity Leadership (OAL) Residential Camping Training

    October 20, 2018 8:30 am - 9:30 pm
    Location: Camp Kanaka – Naka Naka Naka (26521 Ferguson Ave, Maple Ridge)

    Come join the camping trainers for a fun-filled day of camping training! This is the perfect training for those Guiders who are completely new to camping or for those who want to brush up on their residential camp skills and get ready to take the girls out for some outdoor fun!

    OAL Res Tent Flyer 2018

    Click here to register.

    There is no fee for Lougheed Area Guiders. However if you are a no show you will be charged the fee by your District.


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