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Plastic Grocery Bag Sit-Upon

These rainproof sit-upons made out of old grocery bags started with a discussion about plastic bags being one of the main items in land fills so I started looking into things that could be done with them.

  1. You need to gather about 8 plastic grocery bags preferably in 2 different colors.
  2. Fold the bags so the handles and bottoms are folded in on themselves.
  3. Place the same colors parallel to one another — this can be a confusing concept for some kids
  4. Weave the bags together then tuck the ends under and staple the edges. You could also finish with duct tape. We were on a budget so we were going for a zero cost item.

There is a great Etsy video on fusing plastic bags – You could bake a toiletry bag or some other useful thing with them.