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Candy Wrapper Belt

Alright, here it is. Now you, too, can wear a fantastically cool candy wrapper belt.

Candy Wrapper Belt

candy or gum wrappers (the bag they’re packaged in works well, too)
straight edge (optional)
tape measure
clear packing tape
double stick tape
x-acto or utility knife (optional)
2 d-rings in width of your choice (D-rings can be purchased at fabric stores. I made belts using 1 1/4” and 1/1/2” rings. These are probably the best for fitting through belt loops on most pants).

1. Measure your waist and determine the desired length of your belt. I used a ribbon belt I had on hand as a guide, too.

2. Determine the width of your belt by measuring the width of your d-rings. Plan to make your belt slightly narrower so it lays flat in the bottom of the ring.

3. Prepare your candy wrappers. I found the Starburst wrappers were simplest to use as they didn’t require any trimming to fit into a 1 1/2” d-ring. With other candy wrappers I preferred trimming the sides to remove the excess or the ugly parts. The Tootsie Rolls were simple to trim with scissors, just outside the orange lines and they fit perfectly in a 1 1/4” ring.
I trimmed odd sized wrappers with a straight edge and utility knife. I found the width of the ruler I had was perfect for the 1 1/4″ rings, so I placed the wrappers underneath it and trimmed down both sides.
With some wrappers, you could fold the excess wrapper over the back and double stick it down. I didn’t want the extra thickness. Also, fyi, if you fold them over without taping them down, it creates kind of a tube belt and I found that annoying.

For my belts, I used about 19 Starburst wrappers and about 25 Tootsie Roll wrappers. The Tootsie Roll belt has a reversible end whereas the Starburst one doesn’t. Obviously, a child’s belt would require fewer wrappers.

4. Cut a piece of packing tape a couple inches longer than your desired belt length and lay it sticky side up on the table.

5. Begin placing candy wrappers face down in a line along the center of the tape strip, overlapping each slightly, paying attention to the direction your wrappers are facing. I wanted mine going the same way.
At one end, place a strip of double stick tape on the back of your wrappers (about 5 inches long) and place candy wrappers face up. That will be the reversible end opposite the d-rings.

6. Fold the edges of the packing tape running lengthwise over the backs of the wrappers. Cut a strip of tape in half lengthwise and stick it onto the back of the wrappers down the center to seal your belt, overlapping the folded tape edges. I found this easiest to do in multiple short strips versus one long one.

7. At the reversible end of your belt, fold the end over about 1/2” toward the back of the belt and wrap a piece of packing tape around the belt to secure it.

8. Slide the two d-rings onto the opposite end of the belt. Fold the belt end over onto the back of the belt about 1 1/2”. Wrap a piece of packing tape around the belt leaving about 3/4” play for the d-rings.

9. Slide through your belt loops and show it off!

I had a picture of my belt being worn, but can’t seem to find it. If I take a new one, I’ll be sure to post it.

While figuring out how to make these, I discovered you can thread your belt through the rings in 2 different ways: one with the end of the belt coming through over the topside of your belt and the other with the end sliding underneath the belt next to your pants. I had no idea. I’m actually a fan of threading it underneath now which means you wouldn’t need to make the end reversible. Seems to hold the belt tighter, too.

On my daughter’s belt (which she helped make) I added a loop to catch the end of the belt. Hers was a little thick at the end and needed some help laying flat. I made a short strip using the same process as the belt, circled it around the belt and taped the back side of it to the belt.

And just fyi, plastic doesn’t breathe so expect a sweat ring around your waist if you wear one of these this summer.

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