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Old Broken Crayon Valentines

Want to get rid of those old broken crayons?

  1. get the girls to peel and put similar color groups into sandwich bags (green and blues or reds and pinks) let them pick the colors they like
  2. have the girls hammer the bags of crayons into small bits
  3. leaders can then have the girls come up and iron their crayon bits between two sheets of wax paper. Let the girls choose where the crayon bits go on the wax paper
  4. Use newspaper to protect your iron and ironing surface. We found having the crayons and wax paper between 4 sheets of newsprint then putting a hot iron over the crayons for 40 seconds (not moving the iron) then squishing it a bit with the iron worked well for us.
  5. glue the wax paper into cards with pre-cut heart windows.