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Spooky Halloween Tea Light Holders

Spooky up your next Halloween party with these tea light candles. They are created by rolling different lengths of corrugated cardboard around tea lights and then decorated with netting and spiders. This project is inexpensive to make and takes very little time to complete.

Supplies needed:

  • tea lights
  • orange corrugated cardboard
  • plastic spiders
  • wide orange netting on a roll
  • double-sided adhesive
  • clear double sided adhesive
  • scissors and ruler


  1. Cut 30-35 cm lengths of corrugated cardstock at different heights. These are 5, 9 and 12 cm high. Make sure to cut the corrugated cardstock against the grain – that means it should be easy to curl when cut.
  2. Wrap the first tea light with a strip of double sided adhesive tape. Start wrapping the first cut corrugated cardstock around the tea light. Make sure the edge of the cardstock is aligned to the tea light edge. You may wish to add another strip of adhesive once the cardstock starts to overlap.
  3. Continue wrapping the cardstock around until you reach the end. Secure this end with double sided adhesive on the inside edge so it cannot be seen from the outside.
  4. Cut a strip of clear double sided adhesive and now wrap it around the finished tea light holder at the top. Do the same again to the bottom of the tea light holder.
  5. Wrap the netting now around the holder, pressing it onto the clear double sided adhesive.
  6. To insure that the tea light does not fall through, cut 2 x 3cm pieces of cardstock. Below is a picture showing how they should look.
  7. Adhere both strips criss cross to the inside of the holder up against the tea light. See picture below. It is showing underneath the tea light (the tea light holder is upside down and this is the inside of the corrugated cardstock roll.
  8. Adhere the spiders randomly to the netting.

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