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Great Egg Drop

This is great for Easter or Engineering week. Do it as a team or individually.

  • Engaging and very messy small group activity (4 or 5) as part of larger group (e.g., 20 up to 100)

  • Can be run as a competition between teams
  • Task is to build a single egg package that can sustain a fall of 8ft (top of a supermarket shelf)
  • Can be used to highlight any almost aspect of teamwork or leadership
  • Lends itself to building a dramatic large group scenario/finale for the Egg Drop Off
  • Can include the task of presenting a 30-second advert for the egg package.  This increases the complexity of the activity.


For each group of approx. 4., straws, masking tape, egg and/or any other items you want to give for creating the egg package. Can use only natural materials – harder, but saves cost/waste.


~30-45 minutes to build package

~15-30 minutes for Great Egg Drop

~15-45 minutes cleanup & debrief

Brief Description

Small groups design an egg package to save an egg from breaking when dropped.  Plus a 30 second jingle to sell their package.  Followed by the Great Egg Drop-Off.