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Tin Can Lanterns

This craft is a good one for the brownies “tool girl” badge. It lets them get used a hammer. Older girls would be able to do much more complex designs. If you google tin punch designs you can find lots of ideas.

  1. Clean can by soaking in hot, soapy water. Making sure to remove all of the label and glue. Many recycling depots are really helpful about gathering the cans for you. Bring them cookies as a thank-you.
  2. Painting the cans really adds to the look — get rid of some old paint you have lying around. I would go for something dull and neutral so if the paint scratches because of miss hits it won’t be too obvious.
  3. Fill the can with water and place in a freezer until solid.(this will ensure you don’t dent the tin.). You will want to work outside because the melting water gets messy.
  4. Use a hammer and nail to punch out holes, creating a freehand design around the can.
  5. For a handle, punch out two holes on either side of can.
  6. Using a pair of pliers, bend wire through holes and secure. We used pipe-cleaners here it saved a lot of time and gave the girls a chance to add some sparkle
  7. Place a tea light inside and head out to your campfire.